Purchasing STTA Service Subscription and E-Books

Read the Agreement (on the bottom of this page) before using any of the STTA trading related information services. Your acknowledgement and use of this Service indicates your acceptance of the agreement. If the agreement is unacceptable to you, do not use this service.


You will instantly receive a password to read the books
Short-Term Trading Analysis
Detailed description of all our trading strategies
How to win the stock market game
Basics of statistical analysis of stock trading. Portfolio optimization. Managing cash reserve. Optimal using stop and limit orders, ...
Short-Term Trading Analysis and How to win the stock market game.
Special offer: two books at a great price. You save $12.

Full Service Subsciption (US stocks)

-Daily list of potentially bullish and bearish stocks (for the Basic, Low Risk, and Sell-Short Trading Strategies)
-Daily list of potentially bullish small stocks
-Current trading portfolio for the Basic Trading Strategy
-Free access to BPTS Service
-Free access to Analyze Indices Service
-Free e-book Short-Term Trading Analysis
-Free e-book How to win the stock market game
1 month Trial Service (new users only)
Full Service, Analyze Indices, and BPTS daily files
Full Service: 1 month
Full Service: 3 months
Full Service: 6 months
Full Service: 12 months

BPTS Service Subsciption

- Daily sorted stock list for the Busy People Trading Strategy.
- Free access to Analyze Indices Service
- Free e-book How to win the stock market game
BPTS Service: 1 month
BPTS Service: 3 months
BPTS Service: 6 months
BPTS Service: 12 months

Payment can be also made by a personal check. Send a check to
STTA Consulting Inc.
835 Sextant Ave.
Roseville, MN

Please do not forget to write your email in the letter.

Important notes about Subscription Service
When we receive a confirmation of payment we will send you a login name and password by e-mail. Please, allow us one business day for processing. Your subscription will NOT be automatically renewed. To continue using the STTA Service you should subscribe again.

If the STTA Service for any reason does not supply trading files before the US market opening your subscription period will be correspondingly extended. 

Subscription to STTA  Services may be terminated at any time, and without cause, by either STTA Consulting or the Subscriber by e-mail (service@stta-consulting.com). When termination is requested by the Subscriber, subscription fees are NOT refunded. Subscribers are liable for charges incurred by them until termination of service. Payments for E-books are also not refunded.

We are willing to provide you this Service only if you agree to be bound by the following terms:

1. Information provided through the STTA Service (later - the Service) has been independently obtained from various providers through sources believed to be reliable. The accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the Information is not guaranteed by the Service. There may be delays, omissions, or inaccuracies in the Information. You agree that the Service will not have any liability, contingent or otherwise, for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of the information or for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance upon the Information or the Services, or for interruption of any data, information, or any other aspect of the Service. There is no warranty of any kind regarding the information or any aspect of the Service.

2. In no event will the Service be liable to You or anyone for any direct or indirect damages including lost profits, trading losses or other problems arising out of or related to the Service. The Service will not be liable for any loss resulting from a cause over which such entity does not have direct control, including but not limited to failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines, telephone or other interconnect problems, unauthorized access, theft, operator errors, weather or other problems.

3. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate or commercially exploit the Information in any manner without the express written consent of the Service.

4. You acknowledge that neither the Service nor any of the Information is intended to supply investment, financial, tax or legal advice. The Service does not recommend any advisory service or product, nor does the Service offer any advice regarding the nature, potential value, or suitability or any particular security, transaction trading or investment strategy. The Service contains statements and statistics that have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed either as to accuracy or completeness. References to any specific securities does not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities. Past performance cannot and will not guarantee future results.

5. You agree to indemnify and hold the Service harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees) arising from your violation of this Agreement or any third party's rights including but not limited to copyright, proprietary and privacy rights. This indemnification and hold harmless obligation will survive this Agreement and your use of the Service.

6. The Service reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service, or any portion of it, at its sole discretion, without notice and without limitation, for any reason whatsoever.

7. If you are a subscriber and the cancellation of your subscription is the decision of the Service you will obtain the refund which is proportional to the number of days to the end of subscription after cancellation. In all other cases, the subscription payment is not refundable. If during some period of time the Service is not able to provide you information for any reason your subscription will be correspondingly extended.

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